About me: 

My name is Emily, a Canadian illustrator and ceramicist, and I am the artist behind TheOctopiCafe.

In 2016, Lupus shook my world, and a severe brain injury in 2017-2018 forced me to relearn everything. Art became my lifeline, transforming pain into purpose and uncertainty into possibility. I started drawing and developing my style at the end of 2021 and began ceramics in 2022. Despite the demands of university, I always made time for my art and fully embraced my passion, which gives me joy.

This journey has not only taught me resilience, but has also fueled my continuous growth. Through every challenge, I have learned to adapt, evolve, and find inspiration, proving that no matter what life throws at us, we can always create something beautiful. 

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Markets I have attended as a vendor: 


Anime North 2024


Bloorview Spring 2024